My top 7 learning’s about life from hospital visits

abbas baman
2 min readAug 13, 2022

A grave and a hospital are the best places to learn about life and living .

I have had many hospital visits in the past few months.

The very first thing you learn is that life that we take for granted , where we feel we are in complete control,
we learn , we are not in control.

Here are my top 7 learning’s from my hospital visits.

1. We are insignificant — we feel we are the centre of the world and the world would stop without us.

Every person in that grave thought so and now they are resting in dust.

The world will carry on without us, perfectly.

2. We simply worry — every person in the grave carried a mountain of worries when they were alive .

Now they and their worries are all buried under the ground.

3. What is truly important — in running our race of life we forget what is truly important.

Spending quite time with self , our passion the thing we are called to do , the people we love , friends and family.

4. To live in gratitude — ask someone who is on a ventilator what they value most and they will tell you ‘breath’ not the cars they own or all their bank balance.

If you feel you have problems in life , angry with traffic or what the boss said yesterday just visit the hospital.

You will develop gratitude for life.

When you understand that this moment in hand is precious you start Living in the moment.

5. To stop accumulating what we cannot carry .

If you go on a vacation, it would be foolish to build a home .

You know your stay is temporary.

You enjoy the visit , see places , make friends and when time comes be ready to move.

Watch the graves , no one carried anything with them.

6. Our plans mean nothing — we feel we are in control of events in life , a sudden hospital stay taught me we are not.

Our best made plans will go for a toss.

We carry our designations and feeling of power and control ,
then we struggle when things don’t go our way,
because we are not in control !

Resistance to what is , brings suffering.

7. Prayer — I saw a lot of people pray in the hospital.

Specially outside the ICU.

I too did that.

When we face the unknown we finally turn to surrender and prayer.

There are things beyond human understanding , all our advances in medicine and science of prolonging life finally fail.

We are mortal.

Knowing this how would you live life ?

In hate ?
In accumulating ?
In worry?
in gratitude of this moment in hand ,
being with people who matter,
In loving , in living and in giving ,
ready to die empty.